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Developers and Builders

Lower Construction Cost:

  • Overall building cost reductions of 43% are achievable
  • Faster construction means earlier sales and lower holding costs
  • Lower labour costs due to potential elimination of masonry trades
  • Lower labour costs due to speed of construction
  • Lower labour costs due to fewer workers required
  • Reduced site amenities due to fewer workers
  • No cranes or other heavy lifting equipment required
  • Reduced requirement for scaffolding
  • Fewer defects, less maintenance (eliminates cracks & water damage)
  • Safer working environment, fewer OH&S issues, fewer accidents, fewer disputes
  • Clean construction eliminates soiling and damage to windows etc
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Where ground conditions allow, elimination of conventional footings
  • More competitive tenders, improved margins

Less Time to Construct
  • Overall construction time reductions of 30% to 50% are achievable
  • Installation Speed 25m2/2 men/hour
  • Structural wall construction time reduced up to 80% of masonry
  • System enables better sequencing and scheduling of other trades
  • Concrete trades complete building shell in single sequence
  • Several trades and components eliminated from critical path

Greater Market Appeal
  • Solid construction, Cyclone, Hurricane and Earthquake resistant
  • Better acoustic and thermal performance with improved fire safety
  • Lower maintenance
  • Increased internal space due to 110mm wall thickness with superior performance
  • Lower priced, more affordable homes whilst maintaining margins