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Occupiers - Residential, Commercial and Industrial

Strong Durable Construction

  • Solid construction for physical protection and peace of mind
  • Cyclone, Hurricane and Earthquake resistant
  • Crack resistant
  • Waterproof, damp proof and rot proof
  • No voids therefore eliminating bacteria, mould and vermin problems
  • 100 year plus lifespan therefore sound investment
  • Low maintenance

Comfortable Living Conditions
  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation with increased fire safety
  • Solid feel, structure free of cracks
  • Flexible spacious floor plans

Attractive Designs
  • The System’s flexibility enables all styles to be produced
  • Strong structure equates to spacious flexible layouts
  • More internal space
  • Fewer internal supports, more open plan spaces, flexibility for future remodelling
  • Wide range of options for internal and external finishes

Lower Cost to Buy and Occupy
  • Lower construction cost than any other solid construction system
  • Similar cost to brick veneer
  • Lower energy consumption for heating and cooling