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Society and the Environment

Strong Durable Construction

  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation with improved fire safety
  • Solid construction for physical protection and security
  • Cyclone, Hurricane and Earthquake resistant
  • Waterproof, damp proof, rot proof and crack resistant
  • No voids therefore eliminating bacteria, mould and vermin problems
  • 100 year plus lifespan. Demolition and replacement impacts reduced
  • Low waste generation
  • Safer working conditions with fewer construction accidents

Lower Energy Consumption
  • Lower energy consumption during construction
  • Excellent thermal insulation therefore lower energy consumption in service

Environmentally Responsible Materials Used
  • Advanced rigid PVC used in system without plasticisers and utilising heavy metal free stabilisers
  • 2.5 times better smoke index performance than required by Australian Standards
  • Exceeds LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating
  • Reduces reliance on timber products
  • Applicable to cost effective water storage and management structures

  • No material waste during manufacture
  • Reduced on site waste during construction. Modules are custom made to exact size
  • Long maintenance free service life
  • At end of service life all components 100% recyclable