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Commencing in 2001, prompted by ever increasing construction costs with an ever decreasing availability of skilled labour, Australian Construction Engineers have created and developed an advanced, innovative construction technology called DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM.  This system enables load bearing walls and columns to be constructed at lower cost, in less time and with lower skill demand than by traditional masonry or concrete.  DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM is a substantial advance over any comparable system available anywhere in the world.

DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM is based on an internationally patented, lightweight, hollow form, manufactured from a durable rigid polymer, which when filled with ready mixed concrete, produces a load bearing, fire resistant structural element.  The forms are easily connected by hand via patented, ‘snap together’ joints and can be utilised for walls of any length at the rate of three forms per lineal metre.  The forms are cut to specified length in the factory and can be utilised in walls and columns of any height, without the need for cranes or other lifting equipment.

Walls and columns built using DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM can be constructed for lower cost in less time than by traditional masonry and concrete and are straighter, safer, more durable and require fewer, lower skilled workers.  The system produces a non-brittle, water proof structure for internal and external walls in all types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.  It results in high strength elements with fire, insulation and acoustic capabilities of the highest rating, for a wide range of long lasting, maintenance-free buildings, and water, crop and material storage structures.

DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM comprises a range of factory produced, dimensionally accurate profiles and forms which can be combined to produce wall and column elements for any building layout.  The profiles and forms available include door and window penetrations which result in dimensionally accurate openings into which windows and doors can be fixed at a time to suite a project’s program.  Service conduits are incorporated within the forms which enable services to be installed after all structural elements have been completed, without the need for costly and disruptive chasing.


The strength, crack resistance and waterproof properties of DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM enable buildings and structures constructed with it to achieve outstanding performance in normal climatic conditions and unique performance in extreme climatic conditions such as earthquakes, cyclones and hurricanes.  

for a wide range of applications:

  • All types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Earthquake, cyclone, hurricane and termite resistant buildings of all types
  • Waterproof basement walls and sea walls
  • Liquid storage tanks (including water, oil and manure)
  • Crop and material storage tanks
  • Irrigation and water management channels
  • Flood levees and flood control devices
  • Environmental protection (including noise barriers and erosion protection)
  • Corrosion protection of marine, agricultural and sewage structures.

DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM: Delivers Substantial Benefits.  When evaluated against a range of increasingly important commercial, technical, environmental and OH&S criteria, DCS delivers substantial benefits for a wide range of applications:

  • More affordable homes, schools, hospitals, offices, factories etc
  • Safer, stronger, more durable homes, schools, hospitals, offices, factories etc
  • Environmental Responsibility (including recycling of manufacture and building waste)
  • Energy conservation during construction and throughout service life
  • Water and Food Conservation
  • Workplace Safety
  • More fire resistant homes, schools, hospitals, offices, factories etc

More Affordable Homes, Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Factories Etc

  • Lower Construction Costs
  • Wall construction costs average 30% lower than conventional systems
  • Simpler construction in less time
  • Increased productivity
  • Fewer construction workmanship defects
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Elimination of water damage and wall cracks
  • Elimination of the need for pest control products and systems
  • Low cost basement construction with superior waterproofing
  • Land Costs can also be reduced by DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM’s embodied energy savings and water conservation technology by lifting restrictions on developable land areas.

Safer, Stronger, More Durable Homes, Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Factories Etc

  • Solid construction which is Cyclone, Hurricane and Earthquake resistant
  • No cracks, water leaks, dampness, rot, voids for vermin/bacteria infestation or concrete cancer
  • No corrosion or other environmental deterioration

Environmental Responsibility

DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM produces waterproof, air-tight structures which lead to:

  • High Durability with long service life
  • Non Toxic.  DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM is biologically inert and free of heavy metal stabilisers and plasticisers
  • Low waste during manufacture
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Reduces dependence on timber products

Indoor Air Quality

  • Off-gassing associated with building materials are generally referred as volatile organic compounds (VOC).  The VOC level of Dincel-Polymer has been confirmed by registered testing authority – Cetec Pty Ltd to be below the detection level.
  • The impervious Dincel-Wall prevents external particulates, gases and biological pollutants to enter the building’s interior which all contribute to indoor air quality and sick building syndrome.

Energy Conservation

  • Low energy consumption during manufacture and building construction
  • 100% recyclable during manufacture, construction and end of life cycle
  • Well insulated, energy efficient buildings
  • Dincel case studies supported by academics shows that 75.8 tonnes of CO2 reduction and the equivalent of 89 years of heating and cooling energy are saved when the principles of Dincel are adopted in the construction of apartment units.

Water and Food Conservation

Grain storage is a significant economic activity in developed and developing countries.  Grain can be stored in DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM structures at lower cost due to:

  • Lower construction time and cost
  • Lower Maintenance and supervision cost
  • Insect proof and maintenance of optimum moisture content and temperature
  • Increased storage life

The DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM enables a radically new approach to metropolitan water conservation to be considered, in which new buildings would incorporate significant rain water storage.  This is achieved by creating a box foundation structure to act as a water storage tank.

This box foundation structure would be constructed below basement and public infrastructure level, for example under a low or high rise housing development.  Such a storage facility could achieve up to 90% water self sufficiency for a building.

Such a system has the potential to reduce the need to construct additional dams, and reduce the cost of constructing and maintaining public stormwater infrastructure.  Reduction on the reliance of conventional town water supplies could help to ease restrictions on the development of new land.

Workplace Safety

The DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM facilitates safer and faster building construction by:

  • Lighter structural components
  • Factory produced components supplied to length (less on site cutting)
  • Fewer activities from scaffolds and ladders
  • Fewer steel reinforcing bars
  • No chasing for services
  • Installation largely with rechargeable battery power tools (fewer 240v leads)
  • Snap together’ connection of components (fewer mechanical fixings)

Fire Resistance

The DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM is manufactured from a PVC type material which comprises non-toxic heavy metal free additives, stabilisers and no plasticisers.  This 100% recyclable polymer has been tested by the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) and specified as Group 1 in accordance with Specification A2.4 of the Building Code of Australia in which the product has no limitation for its usage.  The materials used in The DINCEL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM have a smoke characteristic which is lower than the minimum Australian Standards (Australia has much more stringent fire testing requirements than the ISO standards).

200mm thick Dincel-Walls offer four (4) hours fire rating which is also confirmed by CSIRO fire testings.

The reader is recommended to visit (Download) Dincel-Wall Fire Assessment for further information.