Dincel wall can be finished with various paints, renders and cladding systems. including cladding, renders or painted.

  • Bare Dincel Where a decorative finish is not required (typically in a basement wall or stairwells) Dincel walls are left bare.
  • Paint Dincel can be painted with PVC compatible paints.
  • Rendered Dincel can be finished with PVC compatible renders (typically acrylic) in a variety of smooth, textured and stenciled finishes.
  • Cladding Options include stone, timber, metal or other commercially available NCC compliant cladding.
Dincel - Original finish
Dincel - Painted finish
Dincel - Rendered finish
Dincel - Stone cladding finish

In an Australian first, Dincel is offering a void free warranty when you choose to pour your Dincel Structural Walling with Self-Compacting Concrete and the installation is to Dincel’s specifications.

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